The company's business philosophy: quality for survival. Strengthen the brand strategy of "Great Power Supply Co., Ltd., Shunde District, Foshan City". High quality, low price, profitable to our customers

The company’s core values: balanced development of the interests of customers, employees, and the company

Company purpose: technological innovation, pursuit of excellence, integrity management, dedication to society

Company development policy: high quality and high efficiency

The company's strategic goal: build a first-class enterprise, create a high-quality brand

Corporate governance policy: people-oriented

The company's environmental policy: based on law and law, green operation, clean production, continuous improvement

The company's market layout strategy: based in Guangdong, expanding the country, and going to the world

Company quality policy: high product quality, customer satisfaction; full participation, pioneering and innovative

The company's code of conduct: cohesion produces strength, quality creates brilliance

Company service concept: customer first


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Address:3rd Floor, No. 16, Fengxiang 13th Street, Xinjiao Community Residents Committee, Daliang Sub-district Office, Shunde District, Foshan City

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